Air Systems
Where there is comfort, there is productivity. This explains why the property has invested so much in air quality. Productive employees are employees who are eager to get to work. They are devoted and dedicated. Each floor is equipped with two prefabricated and pretested mechanical rooms. Fresh air is filtered and tempered before reaching six separate zones by a plenum located under the floor.   Each zone can be subdivided in order to accommodate the specific needs of each occupant in terms of comfort level. Such flexibility allows each employee to work within an environment that caters to their personal preferences. It has never been so easy to provide an environment that perfectly suits the needs and preferences of the occupants – without the help of specialized technicians. This incomparable flexibility provides a perfectly adapted ventilation system on every floor, for every tenant, for every work area, while providing optimal control at minimal cost.

Technical information:

  • System entirely compliant to the revised ASHRAE standards
  • Air conditioning capacity of four watts per square foot and capacity of one person per 150 square feet of usable space
  • Individual setting to +/- 3°C/5°F
  • Extended functioning of the energy-saving device resulting from the temperature of the returned air that is higher due to stratification
  • Reduction in the use of cooling energy